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Is anything SACRED to Christians?

Have you heard of the Bible-verse-spewing-Jesus-figurene that is rocking the Christmas sales? 

Just wonderful. We’ve reduced our only hope for peace, love, and joy to a GI JOE. Our Messiah has joined the ranks of Ken and Barbie.


Merry Christmas….a blessing or a curse?

Just a couple questions about this video….

I have a lot of interactions with people who don’t celebrate Christmas (Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Jews), some of whom are friends of mine, some of whom have been very hurt by the church. Why would I wish these people a ‘Merry Christmas’?  I think that the words ‘Merry Christmas’ are supposed to be a blessing. Some people don’t feel blessed when they hear those words. If some people feel more blessed when we say ‘Happy Holidays’ rather than ‘Merry Christmas’, shouldn’t we be more than willing to bless them in that way? Then, even has I say the words ‘Happy Holidays’, in my heart I’m saying, ‘May the peace, love, joy, hope, and salvation of Jesus Christ be yours also”.


Advent Reflections (Peace), Part 2

This past Fourth of July my wife and I were staying on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness in Northern Minnesota. We had a chance to drive and hike through the forests that had been hit by the fires last spring.  Already the undergrowth of bushes, grass, and small trees had starting coming back.  While thinking about our country, the Iraq war, and the forest fire, I wrote the following poem:

“Peace of July”


I see peace fall in cool rain

The hot violent fires exhausted

Hands on knees heaving soothing breathes

Of springing air touching our smoked scorched lungs

All was drenched in the peaceful dew

Love had quenched our roots

While we slowly grew back


Teaching our children by Spirit

We’ll stare at the tree scar museum

Of charcoal, of desolation, of ash

Passing on the story

Of hot violent hatred

And how peace came to pass