Monthly Archives: August 2008

Prayer for a Political Convention

Oh God, there’s a glorious and powerful political convention coming to town.

Many think these people will protect us and keep us safe from evil.

Have mercy on us.

Many have given them their hope.

Have mercy on us.

Many have sworn to them their allegiance.

Have mercy on us.

Many have raised the flag above the cross.

Have mercy on us.


Help all of us, oh God, to be reminded of the difference between your kingdom and man’s kingdom.

Your order is full of peace, justice, compassion, and love.

Peace that ends war.

Justice that cares for the poor.

Compassion that understands an enemy’s story.

Love that sacrifices itself for a neighbor.

Man’s kingdom is full of sin: twisted politics, empty promises, gaudy rhetoric, corruption, and military violence.

Help us, oh God, to see the difference.


Be with the police this week, oh God.

As they are armed with tear gas, clubs, and guns; may such things stay holstered.

Have mercy on them and protect them from any harm.

Help them to maintain order in a humane way.

Let them look into the eyes of the protestors and see your divine creation.


Be with those who are protesting this week, oh God.

Have mercy on them and may their activism be nonviolent and non-passive.

Let them look into the eyes of the delegates and policemen and see your divine creation.

Let their marching beat like a drum for justice.

Let their chanting sound like a trumpet for peace.

Let their presence send a message of truth.


If there is violence, may it expose the wickedness of the perpetrator; may it stir empathy for the victim and the oppressed.


At the end of this convention, at the end of this election, you are the everlasting God.

Some day, this earthly kingdom will find its end, as all do.

Your mustard seed kingdom has no end and is unstoppable.

Yours is the power and the glory forever and ever.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.