the pilgrim

IMG_7632Ben Lindwall from Portland OR and wherever my feet get to take me.

I am the Executive Director at Heartbeat where I lead pilgrimages, raise scholarship funds, and connect folks to John Philip Newell’s ministry.

I have some background in pastoral youth ministry and was a full-time stay at home dad with my young ones, Esme and Kellan for 4.79 years.

I’ve been married to Jennifer Lynn for over 10 years. Yes.

You can follow me on Insta/Twitter on this handle: @Pilgrim_Now

Besides writing, I enjoy a good walk, soccer, bicycle rides, and a well balanced IPA that isn’t too hoppy.

Notable influential authors include Wendell Berry, JK Rowling John Philip Newell, Mary Oliver, John Steinbeck, John Francis, JRR Tolkien, Oscar Romero, Bill Holme, John O’Donohue, Parker Palmer, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Thomas Merton, Edward Abbey, Garrison Keillor, and Henri Nouwen.

On longer walks I carry a Topo Designs roll-top backpack, wear Lowa Tempest Lo hiking shoes, and get around with Gaia GPS (pro). Sure could use a new rain jacket…


9 responses to “the pilgrim

  1. I am very fond of Merton – there is a blog on wordpress dedicated to his work — call Friends of Thomas Merton.

    best to you

  2. No Flyer and Mason…? 😉

  3. Oh yeah, AND flyer and mason

    …. and my all time favorite album is songs hidden and eggs of course.

  4. I resonate with your reading list and priorities (after our first daughter was born I became a “homeholder” and began a Spiritual Guidance program with Shalem.) I need to go fix dinner now, but want to recommend Peter Mayer as a wonderful singer-songwriter who happens to be in your area. He was a Jesuit novitiate, but now something of a mystic-Unitarian. His songs are deeply grounded and inter-galactic. I’ll be back to your web when the time is right. Thanks…

  5. Oh yeah, love Peter Mayer. Towards the end of each of the past few years we pull out his winter album. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition in our house. Good stuff!

  6. Glad to hear of your tradition. Since his winter album was released, it’s been a tradition here for Peter to come to our church (FUMC in Fort Worth) for a Winter Solstice festival. Good times. Drive your VW down next time and join us. 😉

  7. Someday BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I will get a VW and I would love to drive it down there for the winter solstice festival!

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