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New Song for Sunday Morning

Quaking Bog, Wirth Park in Minneapolis, MN

Leaving the car parked as the sun tops the autumn trees

We walk into what was the very first Sanctuary:

A quaking bog with

Towering tamaracks

Birches, oak, maple, and even buckthorn

Cattails, lady slipper, and moss as old as my family tree

We walk on water, carefully and tenderly

One foot in front of the other

In a slow march for a

Slower life

A gentler way

In our minds we hum a tune

And our steps find each other’s match

Silent prayers hover above our heads and we suddenly find ourselves

At least for a moment

With the One we came looking for.

As if a deer had flagged its white tail

Everyone pauses

Knowing glances are exchanged as some linger longer than others

Again, each finding their careful stride

Paying even closer attention

Nothing happens by accident on a Sunday morning

In a quaking bog.